Today 94% of roads in the United States are paved with asphalt. While this may seem like a new invention, asphalt has been in use since the reign of Babylonian King Nabopolassar in 615 BCE. 

There are many benefits to asphalt. Not only does it provide curb appeal, but it’s also cost-effective, quick to install, and easy to maintain. 

But like every other profession, there are some driveway contractors that are experts in their field and those who are not. If you’ve been looking into getting concrete work near me recently, keep reading.

We’ve got the complete guide to finding the best driveway contractor for your next project. 

Do Some Research Before You Hire a Driveway Contractor

The more information you arm yourself with before you find driveway repair near me, the simpler it will be to find the right company for the job.

The more confident and knowledgeable you are about your wants and needs, the easier it becomes to tell the difference between a true professional and an amateur. 

Ask Friends, Family, and Neighbors for a Referral

Ask people you know if they can recommend good asphalt contractors in your area. Don’t forget to ask them what they liked best about the experience and what they liked the least. 

Also, if you spot a driveway that looks like it was recently redone, don’t be afraid to ask the homeowner which asphalt company did the work for them. 

Go Online

If you don’t have anyone you know personally who can recommend a driveway contractor, that’s okay. Just get online and start doing some research. 

There are online sites such as Angie’s List where you can find recommendations. Check out a few sites to get a general idea. 

Remember, some people post reviews when they are very angry. That doesn’t always mean the company isn’t reputable. However, if there are more bad reviews than good ones, keep searching. 

Dig Deeper Online

Don’t just stop with a few online recommendations. Keep digging a little deeper. 

Find two or three driveway contractors you think might be best for your needs. Then check out each of their websites. 

Check Out These Websites

Make sure their websites are informative and professional. Check out their Google Business Listing for more reviews. 

Then check out whether they’re accredited with the Better Business Bureau (BBB). A BBB accreditation usually means they hold themselves to high standards. 

Create a List of Questions

Before you reach out to each company via email or phone, take some time to jot down a few questions to ask them. Here are a few examples:

Length of Time in Business

Ask how long they’ve been in the business. The longer they’ve been around, the better chance it is they are reputable and qualified to handle your project. 

References and Other Projects

Ask for the names and numbers of some past clients they’ve worked with. It’s a good idea to get a firsthand account of the work they’re capable of. 

Don’t forget to ask what the client liked most and least about working with the driveway contractor. 

You should also ask for a list of projects in the nearby area the contractor has paved. Take a drive over to check it out so you can get a firsthand look at their work.  

The Scope of the Project

Understanding what elements are part of the paving process is a good idea. You’ll then understand which parts are absolutely essential and which are beneficial but not necessary. 

You can then make a decision on what you want based on your budget.  

What’s Included in the Project

You’re not a concrete paver and therefore you may find some of the scope of work documents a bit confusing. Not fully understanding everything makes it difficult to compare bids with different driveway contractors. 

Make sure the paving contractor’s clearly detail exactly what’s included in your project. You’ll then be able to make the right decision with a clear understanding of the expected outcome. 

If There are Any Challenges to the Project

Not every driveway is a basic job. Some of them present unique challenges that may affect how long the project will take and how much it will cost.

Knowing your project may be more expensive and more difficult upfront will make the project go more smoothly. It will also help you hire the contractor willing to tell you about any potential challenges. 

Get a Quote and Ask if All Fees are Listed 

Once you receive a quote, ask if all fees are listed. Make sure it’s a final quote.

You don’t want to get halfway through a project to find out there are additional fees tacked on. 

Ask How Long the Project Will Take

You’ll want to use your driveway as soon as possible. And with asphalt, it shouldn’t take very long to install.

Make sure you have an understanding of how long the project should take from start to finish so you can make appropriate arrangements.

Especially since most contractors recommend two to four weeks of drying time to ensure the longevity and strength of your driveway. 

Find Out if You Need any Permits

You may need to obtain permits in order to do the job. However, an experienced contractor will handle not only know which permits you will need, but he or she will handle the permits themselves. 

A contractor who isn’t aware of the permitting process or expects you to handle it usually is an indication of lack of quality and/or inexperience. 

Get a Contract and Find Out What’s Included

Never start concrete work near me without first signing a contract with the company. Even if you know the person well, ask for a written contract to avoid any potential issues that may arise. 

A good contract should be and have:

  • Specific
  • Technical
  • Include costs
  • Include a timeline of the work
  • Come with a guarantee
  • Clarify expectations

A contract missing any of these important elements could spell trouble for you down the road. 

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